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Norfolk Southern’s Industrial Development team has been working with companies and communities since 1894 to identify and develop rail-served sites across the Eastern United States.  Our capabilities have evolved over the years, but our commitment to customer-focused, confidential site location and planning has been the ballast of Norfolk Southern’s economic development efforts from the start.

Our Industrial Development Managers can recommend appropriate sites for your new rail-served facility, based on your unique supply chain and site development requirements.



Complementing the local knowledge of our Industrial Development Managers, Norfolk Southern employs the rail industry’s premier Technical Services team to help you make a well-informed site location or expansion decision.

With expertise in industrial site planning and conceptual track design, our engineers will quickly evaluate site development and track infrastructure solutions tailored to the rail needs of your facility.


Our supply chain analytics team will assist in comparing freight transportation options and developing rail-inclusive supply chain strategies for sites under consideration for your new facility. 


If you are having trouble finding the perfect site for your rail-served facility, our GIS experts maintain a suite of proprietary site identification tools to pinpoint new sites with development potential, based on your unique location requirements.


Economic development is a team sport and Norfolk Southern can be a strong ally in site planning and marketing for rail-served industrial sites.  Norfolk Southern’s Industrial Development team leverages industry experience and state-of-the-art technology to help plan rail-inclusive development strategies for your site or industrial park.  Contact your local Industrial Development Manager to discuss how Norfolk Southern can help you plan for rail-inclusive development of your site or industrial park.